Product Mock-Up Magic

Have you ever spent time and money physically making product samples (maybe you went to a “paint-your-own pottery store, or glued art on gift bags, boxes and more . . . )?

Have you been told that it is a good idea to show how your art looks on products?

Have you scratched your head and thought, “There has to be a better way?”

With “Product Mock-Up Magic,” you get everything you need to create digital images showing how your art would look on products – gift, stationery, tabletop, kitchen and bath!

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This is an invaluable tool for any artist looking to license their art!  Being able to take your art and show manufacturers that you understand how it can work on products is absolutely critical to garner the attention of a manufacturer, and shows that you are serious about the business of licensing.  Quite often, it is difficult, even for a manufacturer, to visualize a two dimensional piece of art in a three dimensional format.  Being able to offer images of three dimensional products, with your art gracefully and beautifully showcased on them, truly helps in making the necessary connection with a manufacturer.  Plus, it gives them ideas they may not have had looking at just flat art (images, borders, patterns, etc.)!

When you place several mocked-up examples together for presentation, you can visually demonstrate that your artwork can stand as a collection, and that its viability extends to multiple product formats.


Product Mock-Up Magic is the culmination of several years, hours of work and collaboration with a photographer to bring this needed product to market.

What you receive when you purchase the program . . .

  • 89 Photoshop (.psd) or PNG files with professional photographs of “whiteware” stationery, tabletop and gift industry products.  The backgrounds have already been removed, so they are ready to use for presentation and portfolio mock-ups.
  • Nine video tutorials with more than two hours of “over the shoulder” live-streaming instructions.  Watch artist Tara Reed apply patterns and learn from a few mistakes along the way!
  • This is a physical product, so please allow 2- 3 weeks for shipping.  (International customers – we currently ship to the U.S. and Canada.  Please email us to make special arrangements if you are out of the country.)

What you will need to use the program . . .

  • Photoshop® (the video tutorials show CS3, but the concepts work with most professional versions of Photoshop®).  Works on a Mac or a PC!
  • Art that you want to show on products.
  • CD Drive on your computer to access the product photo files and video tutorials.
  • QuickTime or iTunes to watch the video tutorials.

NOTE:  The tutorials focus on placing repeat patterns and borders on the supplied product photos, but you can use the same techniques for more illustrative art as well.

If you don’t know how to create repeat borders and patterns, and save the patterns to the Pre-Set Manager in Photoshop®, we HIGHLY recommend you consider working through the eBook “”Basic Repeat Borders and Patterns” before buying this product.

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For only $137, you will have 89 professional product photographs without spending the time to shoot and create them yourself!  This is a physical product that you will receive in the mail 2- 3 weeks after placing your order.

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What’s included in your purchase . . .

  • Nine Video tutorials – 132 minutes total
  • Stationery Product Photographs – 14
  • Gift Product Photographs – 11
  • Tabletop Product Photographs – 21
  • Kitchen Product Photographs – 21
  • Bath Product Photographs – 22

The video tutorials include…

  • Art Demo
  • Note Card Demo
  • Gift Bag Demo
  • Gift Box Demo
  • Coffee Mug1 Demo
  • Coffee Mug2 Demo
  • Pitcher Demo
  • Plate Demo
  • Presentation Demo

Free Bonus with your purchase!

Buy today and receive our bonus video that shows you how to add your repeat patterns to the Pre-Set Manager in Photoshop® – an essential skill used in every “Product Mock-Up Magic” tutorial.

”Product Mock-Up Magic” saves me time and makes my life easier.  With the product templates provided, all I have to do is drop my artwork onto the templates and make revisions.  Now I can focus on designing.

Liz Revit


I absolutely love the Product Mock-Up video tutorials.  The lessons are very easy to follow, and cover many tools and techniques.  Even as a fairly seasoned Photoshop® user, I learned many new tips and shortcuts that I did not know before.  However, I think this product will be a revelation for beginners.  My product mock-ups previously were very flat in appearance.  The library of blank product images supplied with the DVD will help me produce realistic product mock-ups very efficiently.

Debra Valencia™

Artist, DeVa Designs, Inc.

Thank you for developing this product.  I’m just getting into licensing after working in-house as a product designer and illustrator.  This has simplified things immensely and given my work the professional edge it lacked before.

Laurne Taylor


There you have it!

“Product Mock-Up Magic can save you time, and make your art licensing portfolio and presentations look even more professional.

Here are some samples of the type and quality of photographs that are included . . .


Are you ready to add some “magic” to your life?

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Buy "Product Mock-Up Magic" NOW for only $137!
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