Well, It’s been a few weeks since I joined Pinterest after being inspired to action by Kathy Alpert and her take on the site. (read the post: Pintriguing Possibilities)

Here is what I’ve done and the many, many questions I have about Pinterest.

It doesn’t feel as user friendly as I expected… I don’t feel like I can easily see what the people I follow are pinning… it feels random which is a bit frustrating.  Does this get better with time or do others feel this way too?

I’ve pinned 124 things on 16 boards.

I’ve changed the names of each board at least once and I’m not sure I’m done yet… I’m also not sure how important the name of a board is… does it affect SEO? Others finding your pins?

I’m following 143 people – a few of whom I don’t recall saying I wanted to follow at all.  A few men, in particular, who pin lots of men’s fashion – really not my thing.  Leads me to wonder if Pinterest assigns people in addition to us choosing who to follow…

On that subject – if I search a category do I only get to see pins by those I am following?  So many questions…

I’ve found some cool inspiration and ideas for my house, yard and holiday gifts.  I found this foot scrub recipe that I just made yesterday and have yet to try – if I like it, lots of friends and family will have soft feet after the holidays! 🙂

Just before I joined and did the post about Pinterest, I mentioned it on the Art Licensing Info Facebook page.  Artist Erin Sparler told me about her blog post – THE BEGINNING OF THE END FOR PINTEREST?  Apparently in the beginning of Pinterest, you weren’t allowed to use it for self-promotion.  Now that you can, she is finding it becoming a bit too commercial – people using it to drive traffic to websites to sell things, etc. and she thinks it is de-valuing the site.  What do you think?  Should we, or others, be allowed to use Pinterest to raise awareness of our art, products, services etc or should it just be a visual board that has no marketing implications?

In summary – at this point, I find Pinterest interesting.  And confusing.

If you have experiences and examples of how you have used Pinterest to help with your business, I’d love to hear and post them.  Any other thoughts also welcome!

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed
P.S.  Find me on Pinterest: ArtistTaraReed

P.P.S.  Find Kathy Alpert: PostMarkPress