And YES!  I am jealous! I love that show – such great scenery and I’m not talking about the palm trees my friends! 😉

Tonight I have yet another reason to be excited to watch Hawaii Five-O – Paul Brent’s art will be decorating a yacht – how cool is that?  Here is what you are looking for:

How did Paul Brent get his art on Hawaii Five-O?

You,  like me, are probably wondering how this works?  Does he have secret connections that we don’t have?  I asked and here is what Paul said…

We got a call telling us that one of the location shoots for Hawaii 5-0  was a yacht and that the yacht was furnished with two of my prints, Seahorse Collage and Sandpiper Collage.  The prints would be visible during the production and they wanted my permission to have them viewed on the show.  Of course we gave them permission.  Some times in the past, television and movies have used my work and have not asked for permission and we only learned of their use by word of mouth.

So far, there is no law that I know of requiring a video production company to ask an artist for permission to use art or design like there is for using music.  However, it is certainly nice to be notified and to feel part of the production of something as well done as the new Hawaii 5-0 series.  My work has appeared in numerous television shows including Friends and All My Children. My artwork was exclusively used on the movie The Truman Show since it was set in a “fictional” town, actually Seaside, Florida, and all of the artwork had to be portrayals of that town.

Recently one of my shower curtain designs made an appearance on The Departed starring Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson. Set Designers use wholesale and retail businesses to locate the art and furnishing they need to create the ambience for the set also sometime they commission a specific piece of artwork. In the case of Hawaii 5-0 the designers relied on the décor in place at the selected setting.

It would be impractical to notify each designer of each item on a set and ask for permission, however, production teams are being more sensitive to the rights of artists and we are receiving more notification in recent months than we have ever had.  The next step is getting paid for that appearance.

So tune in tonight at 10 pm on CBS and cheer on one of our own!

– Tara Reed