Have I ever told you about my “to be as cool as” list? When I first set my sites on licensing my art, I looked around and saw some very inspiring artists out there.  The ones who, in my eyes, had really made it, landed on my “to be as cool as” list.  One of those artists is Paul Brent.

The first year I exhibited at SURTEX was in 2005 and I took his introduction to art licensing class.  Paul did a great job explaining the basics of the business and inspiring me to work hard, work smart and build my business.  He is a very kind and sharing man and I am THRILLED to announce that he has agreed to share his knowledge and experience with us.

The “Ask Paul Brent” phone call will be on Wednesday, March 25, 2009. I will be the interviewer and putting a few of my questions in the schedule but would love to know what you want to ask him as well.  Go to AskPaulBrent.com and let me know what you want to know… then call in and hear what he has to say.  If you can’t make it live, the audio will be available for free on the site after I clean it up a little.

“So who is this “Paul Brent” and why am I so excited?” you ask? Good question!  Paul is most widely known for his gorgeous coastal painting, although he does other stunning work as well.  Did you ever see the movie “The Truman Show” starring Jim Carey?  Yeah, most of the art is Paul’s.  (How cool would that be to have your art in a movie?)  His work can be found in other movies and on TV – I recognized a print in an episode of CSI: Las Vegas and Paul told me one was in an episode of Friends.  But that isn’t what we will be talking to him about — our focus is the licensing side of his business.  Paul has been licensing his art since 1988 and even if you don’t recognize his name, I’ll bet you will recognize his work and say, “Oh yeah!  I’ve seen his stuff.”

You can learn all about Paul and his art on his website, PaulBrent.com.  Click on the “about the artist” to see the evolution of his business. I hope you join me to learn from a real pro in licensing on March 25, 2009.  (5:30 pm PST / 8:30 pm EST) Head to AskPaulBrent.com and start sending me your questions today!

~ Tara