Our third post and we unfortunately need to address the rearing of an ugly issue . . . again – Orphan Works! This is collectively one of, if not the most important topic artists should be concerned about in relation to your business and your artwork. This topic has come up many times previously, with a big surge in 2015.

Essentially, companies are claiming that they are impeded in the quest for creativity by having to seek out copyright owners before using found and published artwork. Their goal would be for laws to be passed that dramatically change the steps these companies would have to take to seek the owner of published artwork – requiring almost no effort to be made to seek the copyright owners before claiming rights to artwork. So, the intellectual property you crafted and created could be “stolen” from you without your involvement or permission, and there is no opportunity for you to make any money from the use of your designs!   Companies simply have to state that they could not locate the copyright owners! If you are highly motivated to do so, here is a link for the detailed 2015 government report on the topic:


Yes – this impacts each and every person who creates art of any type!

You can follow this link to learn more about the current and renewed dastardly efforts being made to change the copyright laws. We highly recommend you read and understand what is happening, and take action to make the minority a majority of the collective voice of artists everywhere


Make your voice heard today, and use this link to help share your view: