Last week I did a blog post about the Orphan Works bill resurfacing here in the US… I also asked people to let me know what actions can be taken so we can work together to help stop this legislation.  Basically, it allows people to use art and images that they say they can’t find an owner for… it opens up the potential for a lot of copyright infringement which is not good for anyone – especially artists making a living in the art licensing industry.

Artist Jen Addotta was kind enough to let me know about the letter she wrote to her congressman and a link to her blog post with the content of this letter so others of us can do the same quickly and easily.  THANKS JEN!

Head to Jen’s blog post and take action – I’m going to do so now.

If anyone else has information about what is going on, let me know and I’ll keep sharing!

Here’s to your creative – and protected – success!

– Tara Reed