I’m a positive thinker… and when I get stuck in the muck & mire as everyone is apt to do from time to time, I do my best to find things that make me feel good and focus on them, to find the silver lining, to figure out how to get over the negative emotion and move forward.

I’ve been accused of putting my head in the sand, being unwilling to face reality, having an “airy fairy attitude” and more…

But I really believe that good things come to those who expect them, those who attract them with a positive outlook and those who take action from a place of feeling good and not a place of fear.

You might be shaking your head in agreement or shaking your head in disgust – I know that both will happen by my writing this post.  I also know that for me personally, life is much more fun when I’m happy.  I don’t like the days when I’m feeling uninspired, cranky and as I like to say, “sideways”.

Earlier this week there was an article on CNN.com – Is optimism really good for you? by Frida Ghitis.

I encourage you to read it as it makes some nice distinctions between optimism and what some might call “airy fairy” thinking (I love that expression even if it isn’t meant to be complimentary!).  It talks about the need for action – something else I’m pretty big on. 🙂

So I’ll let you go take a look and hope that you have a fabulous day!  Remember – when you aren’t feeling good, reach for a happier feeling and you’ll be moving in the right direction. 😉

– Tara Reed