In the past, artists have asked me questions – either through email or via the Ask Call question submissions – about what they can do if they not only have art concepts, but product concepts as well. Unfortunately it’s a lot harder to get new product ideas through.  Generally manufacturers who license art  know what they want to make, they look to us to make it look good.

But now there is a new website that might be just what you product-creatives are looking for –

From their website, they seek to be a marketplace for innovation.  OpenInvo aims to fuel innovation and close the distance between inspiration and opportunity by acting as a bridge between people with great ideas and companies that seek them. We provide companies with access to a vast pool of creative ideas, and utilize a unique approach in determining how creative people are compensated for their brilliance.

It’s a pretty cool concept and will be even better when someone that reads this blog emails me and tells me their idea will become a reality because of this connection.  If you have ideas, learn more about how it works to be an “Idea Provider” , learn more and register to submit your great ideas.

I have no personal experience with this website or any vested interest in it – just passing along some information that might be intriguing to some of the blog readers.

If you do check it out and get some leads – we’d all love to know about it!

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed