Ahh… now THIS is what it’s all about! Look at my bank account and there is my pay.  Let me tell you about the last year of my life…

My accountant told me I needed to start paying myself payroll so the state of Oregon doesn’t come after me.  Tri-Met taxes, etc.  I figured, I’m educated, my accounting professor wanted me to become an accountant, I should be able to handle payroll for myself, right? (yeah, yeah… I took accounting a long time ago but still do my bookkeeping, etc.)

So… my accountant did the first round and told me what to do each month and each quarter.  I logged in and did my thing.  Then the mail started coming… you put the wrong number here… you forgot one of the forms… not only was I spending my time masquerading as an accountant instead of spending my time painting or marketing, I got to know a few of the nice people at the state level who help those of us who dot “t”s and cross “i”s by mistake.

About a month ago I finally gave in to the concept of outsourcing. There comes a point in your business where you actually lose money (or sleep or free time) by not paying money for someone else to take over some of the work load.  Realistically, I probably hit that point about a year ago but was unwilling to admit it.


Meet my new best payroll friend – Nancy Judson.  She works with Paychex and has been so awesome getting me all set up.  Since I’m the owner and only employee, the cost for them handling my payroll, paying all the Federal and State taxes, reports (monthly, quarterly & year-end) is less than $50/month.  WOW!  I can assure you I was burning more than $50 of my time, not to mention the stress and headaches of trying to deal with it all.

Sorry Shilo in the Oregon Department of Revenue, our nice chats about where I put numbers have come to an end.  I am passing the baton to Paychex and getting back to what I do best… art and marketing.

If you want to learn more about Paychex and how they might be able to help you, I’d love for you to call Nancy. (Networking, right? Plus I know she will answer your questions and treat you right!)  No matter where you are she can get you started and if you want someone local for ongoing service, she can get you set up.  CLICK HERE to email her and keep your focus on your art.

~ Tara