I can’t tell you how excited I was to create an app for the iPhone!  With the help of www.AppMakr.com, it was a snap!

Click the image to download

There are currently 3 taps on the free iPhone app – you can see what’s going on on the blog, links to the website and the YouTube channel – all from your iPhone where ever you are.

The last time I went to the movies Craig and I got there a bit early. (As in, the final credits from the last showing were rolling – never did that before!)  So we had some time… I pulled out my iPhone to Google something we were talking about (can’t remember what now…)  then of course I had to check Twitter.  Also posted on Facebook.

There are times when you just have a few minutes to spare… waiting at the doctor’s office (it’s inevitable!), waiting for kids to finish sports or lessons of some sort, waiting at the airport…

Why not use that time to learn something new or stay inspired about art licensing? Now you can with the iPhone App from Art Licensing Info.  (Did I mention it’s FREE?)

SO… without further a-do – CLICK HERE and download your app today. Hope you like it as much as I do!

Here’s to your creative success – at your fingertips on your iPhone!

– Tara