I sat down last week to update my copyright registrations… HAVE YOU DONE THAT LATELY???

Anyway – this isn’t a wag-your-finger post, but rather a ‘heads up’ if you haven’t registered your art in a while.

I logged on and expected everything to be as expected.  I have this down to a system and it no longer takes me a half hour or more to muddle through and remember what I’m doing.  I got to the very first screen and did a double take – what the????

After a brief moment of panic that they had revamped the whole system, I was happy to discover that they simply added one screen with three yes/no questions.  Here is what it’s all about so you don’t even have that moment of panic.

Library of Congress - new copyright questions It’s pretty straight forward and you can see I’m a NO / YES / YES registration gal…

I answered NO to the first because I register in batches of art – I’d be completely broke if every image was done separately. Click here for a link to more details from the Library of Congress

I answered YES to the second because I’m the only one who created the work.  If you were registering a group of art that was created by a group of people and going into a book, you might answer NO.  But I imagine everyone reading this blog will be registering their own work and give #2 a YES.  Click here for a link to more details from the Library of Congress

Finally, I answered YES because I own all the work that I created it.  This is the beauty of art licensing after all… keep ownership and license the rights to use your art.  Click here for a link to more details from the Library of Congress

There it is – pretty simple but since I panicked ever so slightly I thought I’d share.  🙂

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

P.S. If you want more information about how to register your art in batches – READ MY BLOG POST: FAQ: How do you register copyrights in bulk?

P.P.S.  Want more details on the whole process?  Check out Sarah Feingold Esq’s eBook – Copyrights for Artists*