Hi everyone!

I was talking with attorney Cheryl Hodgson the other day and we were discussing the types of topics that would be of interest to artists and especially those relevant to art licensing. (I am pretty good at stating the obvious, aren’t I?)

Anyway, Cheryl asked me to “Poll the crowd” and see what you want to learn about.  We have the questions submitted for her call in July and some of my ideas…  but PLEASE give me more feedback for her, okay?

I want her to talk about the finer points of copyrights, registration and trademarks.  Also standard licensing contracts.

What do you want to know about?

I tried having a cool input form but apparently it isn’t working – please add your questions to the comments or email me directly. Thanks!

Here’s to your creative success!  – Tara

PS – if you don’t have a copy of the “Ask” call Cheryl did in July, CLICK HERE and register to claim your free.