What is it about 12 month blocks of time that makes a person introspective? New Year’s Eve sends people into looking at the past year and setting resolutions for the coming year… Birthdays often have the same affect.  “What have I done this year?  How can I be getting this old?”

And if you’ve ever had a “real job” – you may have had yearly performance reviews where your employer did a formal, written assessment of how you are doing at work – often tying your performance to salary increases.  These reviews are often combined with goals, targets and benchmarks to shoot for in the next 12 months.

Owning or building or running your own business is a little different. YOU have to decide to take the time to see where you are, where you’ve been and where you are going.  Have you goals changed? Are you making progress?  What is going well?  What could be handled better?

artistmeThis weekend marks the anniversary of my venture into internet / information marketing. (Although I’ve been licensing my art for 6 years.) A year ago I boarded a plane to San Antonio to learn all about this new way of doing business.  (I had no intention, by the way, of teaching about Art Licensing – that was thanks to the teachers first laughing and then re-directing me.  Thank you Pat O’Bryan & Craig Perrine – you changed my life!)

I had never heard of Twitter, wasn’t on Facebook and was very “blog resistant”.  WOW how things can change in a year!

I am so happy to have added this piece to my business.  To have connected with so many amazing artists.  To be working with Paul Brent and talking about potential ventures with other power-artists in the industry.

I’ve written 5 eBooks.  I send out a weekly newsletter.  There is a forum where artists are connecting and sharing.  I’ve conducted 6 ask calls, one teleseminar and another is planned for June 9th. (Goal Setting for Artists — it’s going to be good!  You really should check it out!)  I’ve learned that I really enjoy coaching and brainstorming with artists about licensing.  And apparently I’ve gotten over my ‘blog resistance’ since this will be post #151…

Wow!  Not bad for a year.  Especially since I’m still creating and licensing my art as well.

Now for the looking forward… what can I do better?  What do I want to change?  Am I using my time the way I want and need to to build the business I want.

Overall, things are good.  But I’ve decided to make a few tweaks. Keeping balance in life and business is so important to not burn-out or lose the passion for what you are doing.  So here are some changes…

  1. I need to spend more time on my art so that side of my business doesn’t slip.  I’ve worked too hard for 6 years to lose my momentum.  And the point is to learn from an artist who is doing what she’s teaching so I better keep doing…
  2. Less is more.  I often say that – less is more in speech, emails, many conversations.  I’ve decided to apply “less is more” to my newsletters and will be changing from every week to twice a month.  Newsletters will now be the second & fourth Monday of the month – with the occasional ‘extra’ if needed.  Much of what I do in the newsletter is link to the blog so you can still get your fix by subscribing to the blog – get an email every time I post, a weekly update, etc.  RSS feed or to your inbox or just check in every so often. You are in control.  If you want to subscribe, click on the SUBSCRIBE button towards the top right of the blog.
  3. Ask calls and audios take quite a bit more time and energy than I anticipated.  Calls will remain free if you listen live (subject to phone line capacity).  Pre-order the replay or buy within 10 days of the call and the audios will be $15.  Buy after the 10 day period and they will be $25.  This change will allow me to keep moving forward on this and making it worthwhile for special guests to get involved.  This change will be effective with the Paul Brent call on June 24th.
  4. The volume of emails I am getting from individual artists is increasing quite a bit.  I love your feedback but need to be careful with my time spent on email every day.  I’m going to take an idea from Alyson Stanfield, “the Art Biz Coach”, and instead of answering most emails personally, I will use them as topics for blog posts.  If one person has a question, chances are, many others do as well.

Those are the main things that I believe will keep me sane, happy and creative. Thank you so much for joining me in this adventure and all the wonderful feedback you have given me.  It truly does keep me going to know that I’m not typing or talking into a vacuum but helping others learn and understand about the art licensing business.  Here’s to another great year!

– Tara

P.S. Thank you to everyone who has commented or emailed me – I’m feeling the love! 🙂