I don’t know about you but the Monthly Ask Calls just energize me! Even if I have had a less than spectacular day, by the time I am done talking art licensing for an hour, I’m smiling and raring to go!

The January 20, 2010 call with attorney Cheryl Hodgson was no exception.  I’ve known Cheryl for a year now and find her to be a source of upbeat energy and sage advice. She can put legal issues into terms anyone can understand and isn’t afraid to be practical when sharing her opinions.  (Any attorney that says it isn’t always the best choice to sue or go to court is ok in my book.)

If you missed the live call, here is what we covered:

  • Is it ok to use licensee logos for links on my website or should I get permission first?
  • If I create art  as a person (outside of my business), but then want to license it via my business, how do I set that up?
  • Do I need to move my business license each time I move to a different state?
  • We have a licensee that hasn’t provided reports and after a year claims there is no revenue.  Is there a way to handle this properly without exorbitant legal fees, or should we just walk away?
  • What if anything can I do about a company who has blatantly copied a design of mine and is selling it if I haven’t registered it with the Library of Congress?
  • How do you work with multiple manufacturers in the same category without getting into conflicts of interest?
  • I’ve recently been told that because I do different kinds of art – I should use a pseudonym (like a stage name) to differentiate my styles.  What are the legal ramifications of this?
  • My web site artwork was © in 2005 Now that it’s 2010, should my website say ©2005-2010?  Do I need to re-register with the copyright office?
  • Several questions and more details about how to register groups of art in a single submission to the Library of Congress to save time and money.

So whether you were on the live call or not, you just might want to invest in the mp3 replay and make sure you didn’t miss anything.  The audio is available and a mere $15 through 1/31.  The cost goes up to $25 on 2/1. (Still a great deal!) Click the button below and get your copy today!

We also promised you a link to get the PowerPoint tutorial on how to register copyrights online so here it is…

Learn more about Cheryl and keep up with her blog at www.BrandAideBlog.com

Here’s to your creative and legally savvy success!

– Tara

P.S. Next up… www.AskAboutSEOforArtists.com – learn how to get the right traffic to your website so you can concentrate on your creativity.

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