In an astonishing move today, a man uses his son’s plastic toy hammer to complete construction of his home.

Where one firm blow to a nail with a professional grade hammer would have done the job, this thrifty man chose instead to borrow his infant son’s plastic hammer and hit each nail 50 times.

Having all the time in the world, he deflects all attacks on his manhood and proudly says, “”This was a less expensive option and I stand by my decision!”

Anyone buying this story?

Any man I’ve ever met who likes to build things, loves to have “the right tool for the job”.  In fact, I’m one handy lady and I have better tools than many men I know.

Sometimes you make do with what you have but for the important stuff– you research and make sure you get the best tool you can find — understanding that it will make the job easier and faster.

That saves time and we all know what comes next — time is money, right?

Now I made that story up this morning to make a point.  Here comes the TRUE story.  Names will be left out to protect the innocent and preserve the marriage.

I got an email this morning that asked me to play judge and jury in a marital dispute.  The artist (a woman who is getting started in licensing) asked me this:

“I have a question for you…  I signed up for a Photoshop™ class and I’m looking at buying the software (CS3 edition), which is quite a debit in the old checkbook isn’t it (at $649)?  But, my husband insists that I don’t need the base software package and I know I do.  So who is right?”

Before answering and spending this couple’s hard earned dollars, I went to the Adobe site to make sure my gut instinct was right.  Photoshop Elements is for basic home use — mostly photo manipulations, and isn’t going to be powerful enough for someone who is serious about licensing.

So I replied with this advice:

“Photoshop™ is really one of the best investments you can make in your business.  Most manufacturers want art in Photoshop™ — many times in layered files, when they get to the point of licensing your art.  You need the power of the professional version to have all the flexibility for your work.  Tell your husband you win this one.”

Then I gave her the hammer analogy that I thought he could relate to.  She thought it was pretty funny. 🙂

But it makes a very valid point — if you are serious about licensing your art, there are certain things you need to invest in.  I believe Photoshop™ is one.  I completely appreciate the stress of writing that check or pulling out your credit card. I just mailed my deposit to exhibit at Surtex next year — that always hurts a little!

Believe in yourself. Invest in your business. Have the tools to make your dreams come true!

~ Tara

P. S. Any husband (or wife) that needs me to tell their significant other that they win next time they want a cool new tool from Home Depot – drop me a line and I’ll rule in your favor!