By “away” I don’t mean in another country, state, county or even town…  I just mean a place other than your front door.

“But Tara, that would cost money and I’d have to go and check the mail” you say?

I know. I know.  It took me 6 years to take the plunge and pay for a little box in a nearby UPS Store.  But I’d like to share the reasons why it might be a good idea for you to do it as well.

SAFETY.   Perhaps you want to keep your home address private so when you become a big, well-known artist your groupies will have a harder time finding you.

INTERNET BUSINESS. It was when I started doing my online business that I finally got a mailbox.  I had been thinking about it (for reason #1) but hadn’t taken action.  When I needed to accept credit cards online it was required that I have a physical mailing address.

My first instinct was to head to the post office and get a P.O. Box.  But then I remembered a conversation I had a few years ago with a friend who chose to get a box at a local Mailboxes, Etc. store.  Not only could you receive mail from the post office, but they would sign for and hold packages from UPS, FedEx and the like as well.  Can’t do that with a P.O. Box!

mailboxsketchSo I headed over to the UPS Store near me (I chose it because I really like the owners and it is the closest place with good parking) and got a box.

Since I’d had my home address on business cards for years, I can’t really change everything over so my box gets cob webs at times.  But it has been great when I order something that needs a signature, or something that I don’t want sitting on my front step.  You also save that extra $1 or so they charge when delivering to a home, rather than a business address.

I consider it money well spent.  You might too.  I just thought I’d share some things to consider if you want to separate your business and personal mail.

Here’s to checks in the mail!

~ Tara