And if you believe that, I have some magic beans too…

There’s been an interesting thing going on and I decided it needs to be addressed.  Believe it or not, I don’t have all the answers. I have no secret short-cut. I can’t look at your website and magically tell you if you should find an agent or if you would be successful on your own.  If you want to work together I can help you as a coach, but a quick glance won’t give you the golden ticket.

Unfortunately I can’t respond to every artist who emails me telling me their story then asking me to look at their website and tell them what to do.  I must be honest and say that it is especially frustrating when people say things like “I think my art would be good but I don’t have much time so can you tell me what to do / who to contact / etc.”  Umm… ok.  So do I have somehow unlimited time? There are over 360 blog posts about what to do. There are eBooks, audio recordings, tutorials.  There is coaching that tells you what to do.  And surprise!  It all took time to create.

There is no magic fairy dust my friends!

No matter what you want to do, be it license your art, raise a great kid, run a marathon – TIME is required.

Who wouldn’t want to have someone say, “do x, y and z and you will have a million dollars in 3 years.”  I know I’d love that kind of information.  But it doesn’t work that way.  Like everything else in life, you have to put time into learning, perfecting your art, making the connections.  Respect your own time and respect the time of others.  If you really want to build your business, how much time are you spending DOING the things you need to do?  How much time are you spending talking about how it’s too hard or how everyone else has it easier than you?  Really think about that for a minute – it’s a rut most people fall into at one point or another, so check yourself often – I do.

I spend a lot of time blogging, networking in the art licensing industry to bring you new experts for the Monthly Ask Call Series, creating information products and more. So please – look to these resources – it’s a gold mine!

Now, in the interest of time, here are some quick links if you are feeling pressed for time:

45 minute Beginner Basics audio – this is a great place to start! For $20 and 45 minutes of your time (you can listen while you do something else if you want!) – you can decide if licensing might be a fit for you.

How to Get Started in Art Licensing – this is the intro eBook that gives you the basic overview of what it takes to get started. You can even get the first chapter for free.

eNewsletter – it comes out twice a month and keeps you up to date on what’s going on.  Highly recommend you sign up!

Free monthly calls – experts put in a lot of time to create these monthly calls where we answer questions submitted by artists.  The link will get you to the page with the upcoming call schedule and the list of free and $25 replays from past calls.

Coaching – there are currently three artists (myself, Paul Brent and Jill Seale) who offer individual coaching for artists wanting one-on-one help with their business.

of course… an overview of everything available can be found at

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

P.S. You don’t need magic fairy dust – with consistent time and effort, you can do this!