Lloyd Stone – Trade Show Display Specialist – January 2016

Lloyd Stone is the second generation President of Manny Stone Decorators – one of the largest trade show and visual merchandising display firms in the United States.  With over 62 years of expert experience in the field, Lloyd knows the trade show business and what makes for a successful trade show booth and experience.  Of special note pertaining to the art licensing industry, his company is an authorized, licensed and fully insured independent contractor and booth provider at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center – home for SURTEX.  In this interview, Lloyd shares his passion, personality and perspective on trade shows, and offers superb tips, from marketing to design, for making your booth a success!

  • How important is the design of a trade show booth when it comes to making a first impression for attendees?
  • Do you have a sense for the general total cost of a booth?
  • How far in advance of a show should an exhibitor begin their planning for their booth?
  • Where do you recommend an artist start in the design of a booth?
  • Is there one thing you would stress that every exhibitor consider when designing their booth?
  • Would an exhibitor find benefits from working with a company like Manny Stone?
  • As an exhibitor, what is the one item you should never go to a show without?
  • How important are give-aways and marketing when you have a booth?
  • Most artists are more introverted than extroverted, and generally shy away from selling.  What would you recommend for a sales technique in a small format booth?
  • What advice can you share with anyone planning on having a booth at a trade show?
  • http://www.mannystone.com