I’ve been entertained and inspired by artists creating videos for their blogs and on YouTube.

I’ve been told that video is no longer ‘the wave of the future’ but ‘the here and now’. Video is supposed to be a great way to advertise, create awareness and let people know you are around.

So today, completely frustrated by what I was planning on working on, I decided to pick up my flipVideo and avoid the ‘to do list’. The result is below.


Want to see how some other artists are using video? Here are 2 that I’ve enjoyed lately:

Creative Goddess Lisa Stewart has some cool cats and entertaining thought bubbles on her blog. (CAT ANTICS HERE)

And Wyanne Thompson is a regular video user — here is the latest one I watched. (FRENCH ANGEL)

Now let me ask you — have you dared to grab the video camera and become a star? Show your adoring fans how you create your masterpieces? Advertise your wares in a fun new way?

I challenge you to step outside of the box and give it a shot. But beware — you won’t know where the hours go!

~ Tara

P.S. I put the YouTube video up to let people know I teach about licensing. See the modified version of the same video I use as a “welcome” on my website. Click here