‘Tis the season for letters to and from a “former self”.  My son just graduated from High School and received a letter he wrote to himself in 5th grade.  It was so much fun to read about what he liked to do and what he thought he’d be like today – and see what had happened and what had changed.  He is no longer into drawing Manga style or playing Yu-Gi-Oh but definitely still passionate about guitar!

Then Carolyn Edlund did a post called “Letter to a Young Artist” on her blog (ArtsyShark) yesterday in response to a letter from a teenage artist.  Definitely worth reading… here is the link: http://www.artsyshark.com/2012/06/26/letter-to-a-young-artist/

These and other recent events got me thinking about time, wisdom, fears and impatience.

I remember being upset about my weight at about age 29 and a 41 year old telling me to relax – that I’d be wishing for my then-current figure in years to come and lamenting the one I had.  And that this cycle would likely continue until I expired unless I learned to love myself – and every pound I carried around – in the moment.  Good advice – still working on it!

With age comes 20-20 hindsight, experience and hopefully wisdom.  You don’t have to be 80 to have it – it is something that evolves and is gained in smaller increments as well.

I sit here and wonder, What would I tell myself from today’s point of view, if I could bend time and go give myself advice as an artist just starting in art licensing in 20o4? I certainly have more wisdom and experience today than I did then!

Today I challenge you to write a letter to yourself – from whatever vantage point comes to you or that you would feel most helpful.  Maybe you write in the present day to a younger you.  Perhaps you imagine yourself 10 years from now writing to your present self… perhaps you do both.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the day-to-day and don’t take the time to step back and put things in a larger perspective.  Usually this larger view makes things seem less dire and life a little brighter.  So join me, push “pause”, grab a pen and write to yourself!