I just finished watching Gray’s Anatomy – The Musical Event.  I have a few things I need to get off my chest and some lessons for artists that sprung to mind.

First, I need to tell you a few things about myself so you know where I’m coming from:

  • I like Gray’s Anatomy.  I’ve been a fan from the beginning.  McDreamy is dreamy and McSteamy – well, easy on the eyes but I wouldn’t want to date him.
  • I’m a Gleek.  Meaning, I’m a big fan of Glee.  Love it!
  • I love musicals.  I go to one or more every time I’m in New York.  I’ve seen dozens. I’ve seen Wicked five times and will jump at the chance to go again.

I guess my point is, I have nothing against singing.

However, this episode of Gray’s Anatomy?  Awful.  Please don’t do it again.  If they do, they will lose this loyal fan.  Forever.

Enough talking about that train-wreck of a show, I promised you an insight for us, for our businesses, and here it is:

Do what you are good at and don’t try to be what you are not.

Glee is a cheesey yet entertaining show about a Glee club, that incorporates lots of singing. Gray’s Anatomy is a drama.  (A weekly soap opera if you ask my dad.)  It is not, a show that can support singing.  The doctor’s singing in the O.R. – it wasn’t good.  It didn’t work.  They should learn their lesson and get back on track – drama, intrigue and constantly changing love triangles.  That is why we watch.

So what do you do?

I do what I call “fun and sassy” art.  Mostly watercolors.  Themed collections for licensing.  If tomorrow, I decided that I was tired of that, and instead I wanted to a fantasy artist, it wouldn’t work.  My clients wouldn’t be happy.  My art wouldn’t be up to par.  It would be a very, very bad idea.  Sort of like Gray’s Anatomy having a musical episode…

At least my hour wasn’t completely wasted because hey – it gave me some great fodder for this blog post.  Food for thought so we all think about what we do and why – and don’t get tempted to do something just because it’s popular, even if it isn’t a fit for us at all.

Here’s to your creative and authentic success!

– Tara Reed