I got an email the other day saying that a friend recommended this blog for TeachStreet’s Featured Blogger Program.  (Thank you unknown friend!)  Having never heard of TeachStreet before, I decided I should do my due diligence before adding the badge to the blog (you will find it down on the right).

So what kind of due diligence did I do?

First, I went to the website to see what they were all about.  Looked interesting…

Next I went to compete.com to see what kind of web traffic they get.  VERY interesting… they get a lot so they must be offering something of value.

Then, I wandered about the site some more and finally decided, this is the kind of website I’m proud to be associated with.

Since I had never heard about it, you may not have either.  Here is what TeachStreet is all about – directly from their “about” page:

About TeachStreet

TeachStreet is a place to Teach or Learn Anything.

TeachStreet is a dynamic online community that brings motivated learners and talented teachers together. On one hand, this is a place where people who love to learn can find classes that are just right for them. On the other, we offer a public forum that helps teachers, coaches, and other experts share what they know. In the process, TeachStreet helps these experts grow their businesses with simple online tools they can use to promote their classes, workshops and special events. So they can then focus on what they do best—teach.

In short, the TeachStreet team is a bunch of dreamers and tech geeks who want to encourage people to get away from their computers, get out into the real world, and learn something new. So we support that goal by helping people find experts in their own neighborhoods who can teach them face-to-face.

TeachStreet is privately-funded and located in downtown Seattle, WA. We’ve formally launched in major cities all over the U.S. and are growing bigger all the time. In fact, customers have listed classes in more than 500 cities across the country.

Joining TeachStreet is absolutely free, and it takes only a few minutes to register. Once you become a member, you can take advantage of all of TeachStreet’s features and benefits. Members can:

  • Review classes: Students can spread the word about classes they love, or get the scoop on a course they’ve been thinking about taking. And teachers can promote their work with starred reviews that tout their skills.
  • Search (and be found) with ease: No more wasting hours online trying to find a class, or bugging friends for a lead. TeachStreet makes it easy to search thousands of local classes, by subject or teacher.
  • Achieve your goals: Teachers can grow their businesses while doing what they love; and students can browse articles, take classes, and get the resources they need to learn something new.

Our beginnings:

A new scooter was the inspiration behind TeachStreet TeachStreet is the brainchild of Dave Schappell. (Yes, it’s pronounced like the Dave Chappelle. And sadly, no, our Dave isn’t that funny, but we like him anyway).

Before launching TeachStreet, Dave worked at Seattle-based Amazon.com as a Director of Product Development, and later as the Vice President of Marketing at JibJab in Southern California. While he was at JibJab in warm and sunny Santa Monica, Dave decided that a scooter would be a great way to commute. Two problems though: 1) He returned to not-so-warm-and-sunny Seattle and 2) He had no idea how to drive the aforementioned scooter.

Undaunted, Dave sought a teacher at his scooter dealership and was directed to an old bulletin board at the back of the store. Thinking, “There’s got to be a better way,” Dave discovered that there wasn’t. So he created one. And—after a bit of brainstorming, many sticky notes, and some generous funding from investors—TeachStreet was born.

Dave’s hope is that by making it easier to connect learners and top-notch local teachers, TeachStreet can, in its own small way, help build stronger communities and contribute to putting smarter and more interesting humans out there in the world.

The site has articles about art by a variety of people – including me.  READ TEACHSTREET ARTICLES HERE

Go to the homepage at www.TeachStreet.com and they will know where you are and show you the types of classes that are available in your area. (The internet is an amazing thing!) You don’t have to learn about art either – step outside your creative box and take a yoga class, learn to salsa dance, learn about the stars in an Astronomy class – this is a pretty cool website!

Head over to TeachStreet.com and learn something new today!

– Tara Reed

P.S. Thanks for reaching out – I’m excited to explore your site more. 🙂