Tick-tock…tick-tock… have you ordered your mp3 replay of the July 18th Ask Jeff Grinspan call?  The price goes from $20 to $30 on Thursday, August 2nd.

(still a good deal but why miss the extra-good deal?)

Here is what we covered on the call:

  • How should artists in licensing deal with the changing landscape of the industry from lower royalties to fewer advances and more?
  • What 3 steps should a new artist take to prepare to license their art?
  • How should a new artist put their portfolio together – focus on art or product concepts based on companies they want to submit to?
  • Is getting an agent the fastest way to get into licensing?
  • If an artist has an agent, do you think it is beneficial for them to go to the trade shows or should they stay home and create, leaving the marketing to the agent?
  • Can an artist stay competitive focusing on original content instead of endless patterns and holiday collections that so many already do?
  • What’s the single most important thing an artist needs to know about working with a manufacturer?
  • What do you see as a coming trend stylistically? Collage/mixed media/layered look? What’s up and coming?
  • Can artists use fonts in their art that they license or do they have to do it all by hand?
  • If an artist has very niche art – say religious – are their agents that specialize or how do you recommend they market my art?
  • Does social media help in marketing to manufacturers who license art?
  • How do you truly protect your artwork when submitting it into the marketplace?
  • How many pieces are considered a collection?
  • How do you create a wowee-wow portfolio?


More about Jeff Grinspan:

Jeff Grinspan has been in the art licensing business for over 21 years.

His company, Grinspan & Co. consults with frequently with individual artists to help them construct an ‘architecture’ for starting and running a successful art licensing business and with a wide range of manufacturers on the business of art licensing (www.artmoid.com).

Next up…

Attorney Kyle-Beth Hilfer will be doing her second call about the legal issues of art licensing. She would REALLY like to have questions more than a week before the call so the sooner you send them the happier our expert will be. 🙂

When you have your legal question, submit it at www.AskAboutArtLicensing.com