Michelle McCulloughTuesday, 9/9 is the last day to submit a question for our call on 9/17

I’m heading to Salt Lake City for Tiffany Peterson’s Elevation event this weekend (are you coming??) so I need to get the questions organized and to Michelle (she will be at Elevation too!).

The call is over but you can sign up below for the free replay!

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Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

ABOUT Michelle McCullough:

While Michelle has many skills and insights to offer, I am hoping she can help us all get a better feel for how and where to spend our time – and our time on social media –  in order to build a lucrative business.

 Author of The Time Blueprint for Entrepreneurs (affiliate link) Michelle will share her years of experience in helping entrepreneurs make the best use of their time.

 Other places to learn more about Michelle McCullough: