Knowledge:  noun.  acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles, as from study or investigation.

Action: noun.  something done or performed; act; deed.  An exertion of power or force.

RESULTS:  noun.  something that happens as a consequence; outcome.

This is a magic formula for success in art licensing… or anything really.  If you learn a lot but don’t take action, you won’t get the results you want.  If you take a ton of action without knowing what you are doing, you won’t get the results either!

Today I encourage you to look at your wealth of knowledge and the action you are taking to see what you are doing well to get the results you want and where you might improve.

KNOWLEDGE – you need to understand the business of art licensing.

Knowledge you need includes, but certainly isn’t limited to:

  1. What kind of art works well for products at retail.
  2. How to create art in collections.
  3. How to deliver your art digitally – Photoshop and Illustrator being the industry standard programs.
  4. How to find and contact manufacturers and retailers.
  5. How to negotiate a contract – or when to get help.

ACTION – what are you doing, on a consistent basis to move your business forward?

  1. Are you putting your KNOWLEDGE into ACTION?
  2. Are you creating those collections?
  3. Are you making the phone calls or sending those emails to connect with manufacturers?
  4. Do you know where to go for help with contracts?  (hint: see the “find an attorney” tab on this blog)

One ACTION I’m taking today is exhibiting at SURTEX. Exhibiting at SURTEX or the Licensing Expo is a great way to take massive action and meet lots of people at once.  With the show conference programs, it’s also a great way to increase your KNOWLEDGE.

RESULTS – Regularly look at your results – if you aren’t happy with them, figure out how you can change your knowledge and/or action.

KnowledgeActionResults wheel

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

P.S.  Need help with your Knowledge or Action?  Here are a few resources that might help… Art Licensing Info Self-Study Resources

Gain Knowledge and get support taking ACTION in then next Art Licensing Academy – starts June 3rd!  Click here to learn more…