Kathy DavisLast weekend as I was working, I decided to tune into another Smart Creative Women episode featuring artist Kathy Davis. I’ve always been a fan of her work and if memory serves, she had a big, inspiring booth at the first trade show I ever did.

I loved listening to her story – and I must say, her accent! I didn’t realize she was from my neck of the woods but I recognized that Philly accent. 🙂 I think she even mentioned getting her undergraduate degree at West Chester – I’m assuming she means West Chester State College or University – depending on when she went there. Wonder if she ever took Astronomy with my dad – George Reed – wouldn’t that be a small world story? (Kathy if you read this and if you did – let me know!)

I felt very connected to her story of starting her art career in the midst of a divorce and having to decide what to do… oh yes! Been there done that!

Enough about my impressions – I recommend you head over to Monica Lee’s site, Smart Creative Women and check it out yourself. When you are done – see all the other amazing interviews she has done while you are at it!


Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

P.S.  One other thing Kathy, if you are reading this, I’d LOVE to have a short video of how you got your start in art licensing to add to the blog.  Please let me know!  Click here to see others…  (oh yes – ANY artist at any level of this business is invited and encouraged to create a video too!)