Kathy Davis talks about art licensingThis was our first call with Kathy Davis – another very successful artist and entrepreneur who was on my “To Be As Cool As” list when I first started out in art licensing! I was thrilled she agreed to talk with us and love her down-to-earth honesty and willingness to share her story, her experiences and her advice with others.  (And I was happy when I remembered it was September and not November – had to be there live to really understand! 🙂 )

One good thing to remember is that every artist has a different story, a different path and different experiences in art licensing. I have yet to hear two that were the same. Your story will be different as well. It will be affected by your art and where it fits, your willingness to learn, grow and adapt and the connections and relationships you build along the way. Of course it’s more than that but those are some key components!

Here is what we covered on the call:

  • Kathy shared her journey from art teacher to very successful art licensor and business person.
  • The state of the greeting card industry – in decline? Shifting?
  • What are the key elements in partnering with a large company like American Greetings?
  • What advice do you have for someone new to art licensing. Do you think it’s still a good (and/or) profitable for an artist to make a living or is there another avenue we should consider taking?
  • Any fun tips or successful techniques on how to develop meaningful relationships with new manufacturers at trade shows or when contacting them on line?
  • If a collection doesn’t get picked up after a while… do you rework it or just give up on it?
  • I’m sure there were many, but is there an event or something you did where you really remember seeing your business growing to that ”next” step?

Since this was our first call with Kathy Davis, the mp3 audio replay is available for free. Here is the link to get your copy:


 On the call Kathy mentioned a video they had created about her 7 simple secrets of success – here it is!

[youtube Mknybu7acgg]

If you haven’t taken advantage of ALL the first-call freebie audios, you can find them at www.AskAboutArtLicenisng.com/get-free-call-replays/

Next up …

Kate McCrostie will answer artist questions about art licensingKate McRostie and her two sisters who work in her business with answer questions and share how they manage working with family and staying sane. 🙂  The call will be on Wednesday November 13, 2013 – head to www.AskAboutArtLicensing.com to submit your question!