With the trade shows quickly approaching (SURTEX in May and the Licensing Expo in June) there are lots of artists scrambling to find agents to hopefully get their art to the show floors… Of course I highly recommend you think about this process other times of the year too – it’s crunch time for everyone who will be in a booth, agents included.  So while they will have their eyes open for great artists, they are also very focused on getting ready to represent the artists they have to the best of their ability.  I guess my point it – don’t think this is “the best” or “the only” time of year to get connected. 🙂

Finding your WHYIf I’ve said it once I’ve said it 100 times and I think it bears repeating… DON’T SIGN WITH THE FIRST AGENT THAT SHOWS AN INTEREST.  Make sure they will be a good fit for your or your business.

Signing with the first agent is like marrying the first person you kiss.  Will they be a great life-long partner? Could be.  Is there a chance that you should take some time to make sure you are a good fit in other ways? Absolutely.

Alex Colombo recently did an interview with artist JC Spock that really underlined the need to know yourself and your business, and take time to find a good fit when it comes to an agent.  If you haven’t read it, please do >> An Art Licensing True Story – by Artist j.c. Spock

I am often asked what agent would be a fit for a specific artist. I categorically don’t answer but rather say I’m no more an agent matchmaker than I am a love connection expert.

What I do offer are two things:  

  1. First, my eBook How to Find an Art Licensing Agent provides information about how to prepare your work to present to an agent and  questions to ask and things to consider when making a decision.
  2. Second, I have a list on the AGENTS tab of this blog, with logos, web links and contact information to more than 30 agents who work in the industry.  All of these agents have ASKED to be included on this list – which is good because it means they are always open to new talent if not actively adding to their roster.

It is up to each artist to do their homework and decide who might be a good fit.  A good fit for one is a bad fit for another… just like in love and life. 🙂

SO… don’t make a decision out of desperation.  Make a decision that feels right and that you believe will help your business – I can assure you that that is how the agents will be making decisions as well. 🙂

Not sure if you want an agent or if you want to try to do your own marketing?  Download this questionnaire to help you decide…

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

P.S.  This song kept going through my head while I wrote this post – find yourself a good agent if that is what you want!  (The song actually starts at the minute mark – too much intro stuff for me…)

[youtube Pd_-MjYu2Do]