I have two portfolios:  a physical, lug around in binders, touch and feel portfolio and an online portfolio. The physical portfolio gets reviewed, things added and subtracted depending on where I am going (trade show? client visit?) and who I am seeing.  I make sure I bring the art that might be appropriate, so as not to waste their time or strain my back.

My online portfolio is an area my clients and prospective clients can look through after entering their user name and password to keep things somewhat secure.  This portfolio, I am sad to say, doesn’t get the freshening up the way the physical one does.

I’m making a few changes to my website so it is the perfect time to actually stop and think about what I am showing people.  Having been licensing my art for 6 years, some of the art is just plain dated.  And to be honest, some of it makes me just plain cringe.  A sign of artistic improvement for sure but not one I need potential licensees seeing.

I think I just put a dozen collections into ‘cold storage’ – never to be seen again unless I take a walk down memory lane.

I just thought I’d share my day and ask you this: When is the last time you looked at what you were showing the world?  Put your best art forward – less that is quality is better than more that may seem dated or inconsistent.

Here’s to your creative cleaning!