… consider the “Art Licensing – Beginner Basics” teleseminar replay.

On Tuesday, September 22nd, I had a great group of artists on the line wanting to learn what art licensing is (really), how to ‘think’ like an artist who licenses art (it’s a little different) and what the day-to-day job is like.  I laughed when one very appreciative artist compared the industry to some sort of ‘secret society’ that no insider would openly discuss.

True, that in the past, it has been a little trickier to learn about it.  You had to know where to go for nuggets of information.  Who to talk to. And often just dive in and see what happened.

That’s why I started the “Art Licensing Info” family of sites in the first place. To give artists a real-world look at what it means to license art.  Not rose-colored glasses and not doom-and-gloom.  Just this licensed artists opinion and observations.  Truth be told, I never expected it to become a family, I thought it would be like a hip single girl living in New York City – not some sprawling suburban family with aunts, uncles and cousins on every block but there you go.  Sometimes things take on a life of their own and like so many families, I couldn’t be more pleased!

index-newoffThe call went well, I ended up talking a bit fast to get everything in and now the 40 minute replay and Action Guide are available to any artist who missed it, didn’t know about it or just plain wants to learn.

The mp3 is an overview to help you get a feel for the industry and decide if it is right for you. I couldn’t go into great detail about all of these topics in 45 minutes. This is the time to ponder, consider and see how it feels. It’s like trying on shoes at the shoe store – you walk around in a few circles and say, “Yeah, I like them.” or “Oh heavens! This is not a good fit!”

I could go on but instead, I’ll let you read what one participant emailed me shortly after the call:


Tara –

I was on your Beginner Basics Teleseminar for Art Licensing, and I cannot thank you enough! It was fantastic, and exactly what I wanted and needed at this time.

I have been exposed to and learning about art licensing for about 3 months.  I was on the Paul Brent phone call in June, and found it so informative and inspiring, and have gotten a lot of information through my own research, but your call today really helped me put it all together and consolidate my knowledge and research to this point.

Everything you said on the call was exactly in the proper order for me to understand, and I found your action guide for the call VERY helpful as I took notes on it while you spoke. The way you categorized the steps of your seminar was very logical and thus easy to understand and process – it’s a lot of information!

I really appreciate getting “the reality of the job” of an artist in this field, from the inside, and your goal of “polarizing” us into feeling either for or against the job description!  I am definitely “for” this career, for me, and your website and calls are a great resource for me to inspire myself to keep going.

Thank you again, very much – I look forward to listening to the call again.

Keri McIntyre
Los Angeles, CA


Thank you Keri!  I appreciate your feedback and your willingness to let me share it.  So if this sounds like something you might want to hear as well…
Go to => www.ArtLicensingTeleseminar.com/start.html, get more details if you need them and be on your way to deciding if art licensing is right for you!

Wishing you creative success – in whatever area fits for you!

– Tara