Will the magic ever end?

I mean really!  I’ve been floating on cloud 9 with this news for 3 days now and see no descent in sight.

If you read my blog, you know I’m a big fan of positive thinking, not letting fear control you and taking action to make all your dreams come true.

Well today I’m coming “out of the spiritual closet” once and for all!

Most of my life I have been either non-spiritual or VERY close lipped about my beliefs.  I don’t like it when people push religion on me and never want to do that to others.  I classify myself as “spiritual, not religious”.  Honestly though, I think I’ve been more afraid of being judged as a bit too “out there” with my “hoo-ha” ways of thinking.  (Yes, my issues are showing, I know!)

That ends now. Today. This minute.  (Ok, a little fear creeps in, even as I type this, but that’s ok — I’ll breathe through it and keep on tapping on the keys.)

The movie “The Secret” became a sensation in 2006 – a friend had me watch it and it’s been a thought expansion ever since.  Many roll their eyes when they hear talk of the Law of Attraction or “thoughts become things” but I’m a believer.  I do it and it works.  Not every time at my whim of course, but I truly believe that what happens is what is meant to happen.

picture-14Anyway, I digress.  Just thought I’d give you a little primer for my excitement!

I’m a big fan of Joe Vitale’s — he is an excellent writer and marketer and very inspiring on the spiritual and Law of Attraction fronts.  I had the honor of meeting him in June and talking with him. He is truly one of the nicest men you could ever meet.  He has a very sincere and calm energy about him and walks what he talks.

I submitted a “law of attraction” story of my own when he was looking for them for his new book, Expect Miracles, last spring.  Somehow I never found out it had been selected.

My friend told me last week it was finally out and she had her copy.  I told her that I sent in a story and was bummed it wasn’t included.

Well, imagine both of our shock when she found herself reading MY STORY in the book!

She said she started reading and thought, “Cool, he knows a woman named Tara too…”

Then as she read further she thought, “WAIT A MINUTE… is it a coincidence that his Tara has a boyfriend named Craig, just like mine?”

Quickly looking to the end of the tale she discovered his Tara and her Tara were one in the same, meaning ME- Tara!  She quickly sent me an email, knowing I would probably be asleep when she made the discovery.

So that is why I’m on cloud 9.  The somewhat over-the-top nutty story of how I used the “Law of Attraction” to love is printed for all to see in Expect Miracles. (Starting on page 26)

If you read it, I want to tell you — it is ALL TRUE!  My sister can confirm our conversation.

What I did in a nutshell can and has helped in business as well.


Act as if you have the deal you really want.  Act as if you are making the income you want. Act as if you can create the art you see in your head.

Now you can’t expect this to happen in 5 seconds, you will have to take action. (Again!  Me on the “Take action” soap box!)  But you might be inspired to take a different action when you take a Law of Attraction-ish view of things.

Heck!  I was inspired to write to Joe Vitale and think my story was worthy of being in his book.  I am thrilled that he agreed!

~ Tara

P.S.  I hope you have the pleasure of seeing your dreams come true as well… here’s to miracles for everyone!

P.P.S.  Joe, if you read this, THANK YOU!  For all that you do, the inspiration that you are, and of course, for including me in your book of miracles!