With SURTEX looming large, it’s that time of year where I start planning the more personal details of exhibiting at a show. What shoes to wear so my feet aren’t killing me by noon, what outfits will be cute but not distract from my art… things like that. 🙂

I also work on my elevator speech – what I will say to people who I have never met before.  What sets me apart from every other amazingly talented artist in the room???

Finally, I give myself a little body language pep-talk.

My body and I have these every morning before the show and during the show if I find myself crossing my arms… sometimes my sister gets involved if she doesn’t see that my inner dialogue is working.

Rachel Place, an artist in the March/April Art Licensing Academy Class shared this TED talk with us in our private Facebook group – Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are.  They studied the chemical effects of body posture and body language on the body (fascinating!) as well as the perceptions of others to different ways people present themselves physically.

This is not only a great reminder to artists who will be exhibiting at SURTEX or the Licensing Expo but great food for thought for everyday life.  Take the 20 minutes out of your busy schedule and see what you think. Would love to hear your impressions.

[youtube Ks-_Mh1QhMc]

Here’s to your creative – and well postured – success!

– Tara Reed