I have used this “pie” analogy on several occasions and people seem to like it.  Either we are a pie-eating nation or it helps people get to their ‘a-ha’ moment.  So one day I decided to actually make pie out of my art (which was conveniently on fabric) and create a video to really make it hit home.

This is the first in a triology of “Art as Pie” videos by yours truly, Tara Reed. I have a sewing machine, glue gun and FlipVideo and I’m not afraid to use them!  (I will warn you though – glue guns do create HOT glue so try not to get big globs on your fingers… ouch!)

The trilogy consists of:

  1. How your art business is like a pie… (below)
  2. How your art is like a pie… (coming soon)
  3. How art licensing is like a pie… (coming just the other side of soon)

[youtube 3rUGWYEwXzU nolink]

Sit back, watch and consider.  My goal is to keep you thinking about what you are doing with your art and business so you don’t turn into artistic hamsters on the wheel of life!

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara