The latest eBook in the Art Licensing Info library, How to Understand Art Licensing Contracts, is getting great feedback.  I never post comments without permission from the artist so if you email me – let me know if I can share your opinions with the world, ok?  Here are two comments that have been approved to share with the group.

“Tara and Maria’s e-book, How To Understand Art Licensing Contracts, is a must read for any artist involved in Art Licensing, whether they are just beginning or have been in the game for awhile. Written from the point of view of two seasoned art licensing veterans who learned the ropes by doing the work themselves. It’ s clear concise style, incredible organization, and well thought out format, make it impossible not to find needed factual information. If you’re working with art licensing contracts and don’t have this on your desktop, you’re just making things harder for yourself than they need to be.”
– Marty Qatani, artist,


“I’ve signed hundreds of licensing agreements over the last 10 years and was astonished at some very important clauses that aren’t included in my contract or didn’t take notice of in theirs that were covered in How to Understand Art Licensing Contracts.”

– Barb Tourtillotte, Artist, Designer, Licensor, Barb Tourtillotte Illustration

The introductory price of $72 is coming to an end on Thursday, 11/24 (Thanksgiving). Do you have your copy yet?

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