You read that right!  While chatting with Maria last week she told me that she wants to offer artists who have purchased our eBook – How to Understand Art Licensing Contracts, $50 off a consultation with her regarding, well, contracts. 🙂

You know the old saying – Different Strokes for Different Folks, right?  Well while I do my own contract reviews and negotiations, I don’t choose to consult with artists on contract related issues.  It just isn’t an area that gets me excited, it’s something I have to do to do my business.

Maria is just the opposite, she LOVES dissecting contracts and helping artists understand what the implications of what is and sometimes what isn’t there could mean to them.  I can tell you first hand that she is very good at it too – I’ve had her look over my standard contract and we were able to tweak to be even better than before.  I also came away with a better understanding of why some of the things that had been in there for years were so incredibly important.

SO… this is a power combo.  The eBook – How to Understand Art Licensing Contracts – will give you a great understanding of the terminology and reasoning behind the many parts of an art licensing contract.  It talks about the hows and whys of longer vs. shorter contracts and how your goals as an artist affect what will be key in your contracts.  There is input from attorneys as well as anecdotes from artists so you can learn from both their successes and “growth experiences”. (I could call them mistakes but there is a lesson in everything so I choose to look at them as growth experiences.)

I am a firm believer in learning what you can from books and blogs and such before spending the extra money for individualized help. You don’t want to spend your time in a consultation learning definitions and basic concepts that you can find in an eBook.  Maria agrees.  She also wants to help artists understand contracts and protect their business interests.  The more savvy the artists, the stronger we are in the industry as a whole.

The eBook is a great investment at $87.  But to know that you will have access to a private consultation for $50 off if you have already purchased the eBook – it makes it a steal at effectively $37. (That is after you use the discount of course – which has no time limit but I suppose is subject to change if Maria so chooses at a later date.)

Learn more about the eBook at  Then when you have questions about specifics, be sure to let Maria know you have purchased the book and get $50 off your consultation. (One discount per artist)

Learn more about working with Maria at

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed