Melissa and I just returned from the National Stationery Show and SURTEX in New York City, and once again saw a tremendous outpouring of talent from the many artists at both shows; particularly those at SURTEX. We truly appreciate everyone’s efforts and the shear talent amongst this group, and applaud each and every person who had a booth for their willingness to put their art in front of such a grand audience. We know, from personal experience, how hard it is to take your creations, put them on public display, and open yourself to the multitude of comments that may come your way.

We created a previous post regarding what it means when someone tells you “NO,” and had been planning on posting about reactions to criticism, but when we arrived home, one of our favorite individuals had beat us to the punch, with some great words of wisdom we thought we would share with you. Marie Forleo, one of the best digital educators in the market today, answered one of her fan’s questions regarding criticism, and it hits home with anyone who creates art.

We take great pleasure is sharing this link with you to Marie’s video in the hopes you find some understanding in the inevitable criticism that will come your way, and the mindset you should have in dealing with it.

To end, we share one of Marie’s extremely pertinent quotes that you should refer to often whenever someone decides to critique your work:

And no matter how fantastic you are (and let’s be clear — YOU ARE!), not everyone is going to love you, or what you make. If you make art, you’ll have critics. It’s easier to critique a thing than it is to make a thing.” – Marie Forleo