Word of mouth can make a business and there are ways that you can monetize your mouth. Did armupartist-cashyou know that?  I’ve got two words for you:  Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs seem to be everywhere these days — companies will pay you a percentage of sales if you help them spread the word.  You are basically signing up to be part of their informal sales team.  The consumer pays the same amount for the product or service but a certain amount goes to the person who told them about it.

For example, if you go to my “resources” page on my blog or my website and click on one of the links that interests you, I would get a commission from that company. If you don’t want me to earn a commission, don’t click on the link but simply enter the web address in your browser.  Either way, you pay the same.  One way, I get money to help pay for the time I spend blogging and other free services.  The other way, I don’t.  You get to choose.  (Choices are always good!)

picture-18One of my affiliates turned friends, Laura Bray,  just wrote an eBook that explains Affiliate programs in more detail and gives you tools to pick them, promote them and track them.  It is well worth the $10 in my opinion.  (I don’t get a commission on this… so get there however you like!)  Click here for more details

So if you have a website, are a blogger or manage a list, look at affiliate programs as a way to diversify your income.  Some programs are handled by individuals or individual sites (like mine) and others use companies to manage that end of things.

A few resources to find affiliates and get you started include:





Now turn your mouth (or your keyboard) into a money making machine!

~ Tara

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