kid at computerI have no clue. 🙂  Since I do repeats in Photoshop, I regularly have artists ask how to create them in Illustrator.  Honestly – Illustrator and I are more like wary-aquaintences than friends.  I use it rarely and I use it like a Navy Seal – I’m in and out and back to the safety of Photoshop as soon as possible.

Someone once said artists are often happier with pixels (Photoshop) or vector (Illustrator) and not all that many have an equal love for both.  Well, color me a Pixel Lover!

That said, an artist sent me a link to a blog that she says gave her great instructions to help figure out how to create repeat patterns in Illustrator.  I’m taking her word for it – haven’t tried it. 🙂

SO, if  YOU want to create repeat patterns in Illustrator – here is a great place to start.

(If it works really well, come back and let us know so we have more than one point of reference.)

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

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