How To Be A Press Friendly Artist

Have you ever wondered how some artists get quoted in magazines, in newspapers and online?

Would you love to see your art featured in an article without having to pay for advertising?

Do you wish there was one place to go to learn the basics of interacting with the press?

If your goal is to make money from your art, then you are a BUSINESS!  And if you are a business, becoming friends with the press is a great thing.  You need to get the word out and connect with people that are interested in the types of art and services you provide.  This eBook has been created to teach you how to make those connections, expand your brand and get free press.

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The goal of this eBook is to help artists understand how to write press releases, prepare press kits, build a media contact list and become a valued resource for members of the press.

This eBook is for . . . Artists, Illustrators and Photographers who. . .

  • Aren’t sure how to write a press release, what to include in the release and what to do with them once they are written.
  • Are interested in having people learn about their art and business by being included in articles in print and online.
  • Find the idea of getting their information to the press to be mysterious and overwhelming.
  • Want step-by-step instructions about what to do and why – all in one convenient book.

What will this book do for you . . .

  • Help you think through what you have to offer to the press and their readers.
  • Teach you how to write press releases that will get read; and better yet, get printed.
  • Teach you how to create digital and physical press kits that explain who you are and what you do.
  • Teach you how to make your website a resource for the press to find information, quotes and images when they need them quickly.

Are you ready?

For only $27 you can learn the basics of connecting with the press and building your brand through media exposure.  This digital book can be yours immediately – simply download and enjoy on your computer, iPad, Kindle and more . . . anything that can read a pdf.

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Table of Contents

Part 1. Why Do You Want To Be Friends With The Press?

Part 2. How Do You Make It Easy For The Press To Love You?

Part 3. Create Compelling Images for the Press

  • How to get a great headshot
  • Getting great photos of you at work
  • Getting pictures of you art into the press

Part 4. Press Releases

  • Why write a press release?
  • How to write a press release

Part 5. Distributing Your Press Releases

  • Online press release distribution sites
  • Hand picking people to send press releases to
  • Build a Media Contact List
  • Create a press email signature
  • Take advantage of editorial calendars

Part 6. Press Kits

  • Digital and physical press kits – when to use them
  • What to include in any press kit – digital or physical
  • Other things you might include in a press kit
  • Digital Press Kits
  • Physical Press Kits

Part 7. Staying Organized

  • Naming your files

Part 8. How To Make Your Website Press Friendly

  • Create a newsroom page on your website
  • Show press coverage you’ve received


  • Sample Press Release
  • How to set up on
  • How to submit press releases on PR Log
  • PR Log press release prep template
  • Create an email signature in Macmail
  • Embed your press feed into your website
  • Sample digital press kit

This eBook has been designed to teach you many things, but please realize that does not mean you have to do them all at once.  This book should serve as a resource for you to turn to as you grow your business. 

Letting the press know what you are doing should be a part of your marketing plan, and we can teach you how.  While you can always pay for advertising, it is possible to create great content for the press that will raise awareness for your business without spending a lot of money.

Buy "How To Be A Press Friendly Artist" NOW for only $27!

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As artists we are constantly advised to promote ourselves.  Most of us could use some good press, but can’t afford a publicist. At last, along comes “How To Be A Press Friendly Artist.”  This eBook addresses everything from how to create your own images, press releases and press kits to transforming your website into a press “magnet.”  I know there isn’t a better resource out there.  If you follow the steps on “How To Be A Press Friendly Artist,” you won’t need a publicist – you’ll become one.

Deb Trotter

Artist "Joyous Art. Cowgirl Attitude."

“How To Be A Press Friendly Artist” clearly explains everything there is to know about becoming a press friendly artist, including why it’s important and how to overcome insecurities about the process.  Clearly written and well organized, it leads the reader through not only writing that first press release, but also creating an ongoing press presence both through outreach and making it easy for press members to access information directly from an art website as part of an overall marketing strategy.  This book will be helpful for artists as well as other entrepreneurs who are new to the PR process, as well as those more seasoned.  I’m confident I’ll be referring to this book again as I implement each stage of my PR strategy.

Beth Lowell


Not only is this eBook packed with content, it is also packed with confidence!  The formula you provide gave me the “permission” to shout my accomplishments and let everyone know what I am up to.  For a right brain creative, this distills down the objectives and logistics for a well balanced, organized business tool for success.

Heidi Gray


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