The other day I opened a different web browser than normal. (Clicked the wrong button – I think it was the universe’s way of saying “hey, something needs your attention!”)  When I went to Facebook I was greeted with a message that said something to this effect:

“An unknown device has tried to access your account” and I believe a message to change my password.

I entered my password and it showed that someone from Japan had tried to hack my Facebook. (As I type I’m feeling a bit of a conspiracy theory coming on – what if it was a fake page trying to get my new password – off to change it again!)

Anyway – the whole thought of someone getting into my Facebook and taking everything down, etc. made me really stop and think about what the implications would be.  I’m on Facebook every day – for personal interaction as well as business.  This would be sad and bad to lose my content!

I quickly learned how to archive my Facebook data and wanted to share it “with the group”.

First, there is a pretty easy process to get an archive of your personal Facebook account right in Facebook itself.

Here is what you do:

1.  Login to Facebook.

2.  Click on the arrow in the upper right to open the drop down menu.

3.  Choose Account Settings.

4.  Now you will be on the General Settings page.  At the bottom of the list is a link that says Download a copy of your Facebook data.  (I will now set a reminder in my calendar to do this weekly.)

5. From there you will go through a series of screens and Facebook will prepare your archive and email you when it’s ready.  (It took about half hour or so if memory serves…)

6.  When you get the email, you can go download your archive. They warn you not to share it with others, etc. to protect your data.  I’ll be storing mine on external hard drives.  Here’s what the email looks like.

Not too hard to do and my personal Facebook info is safe and sound… well, at least I have it in case someone tries to mess with my account!

But what do you do if you have a Facebook page?

At this point, Facebook itself offers no options for archiving that data offsite and if you are using a page for your business, it’s more important to your livelihood than your personal page.

Answer: Backupify

Open an account at and you can not only back up all your Facebook profiles and pages, but also Twitter, Google Apps, Flikr and more.  After I did the archive through Facebook I went and checked that my settings were current and Backupify was working.

Here are the personal services you can backup as of October 2012:


So… I will write no more because I want you to leave this page, do not pick up your paint brushes but rather make sure you are protecting your social media content to the best of your ability!

Here’s to your creative success –

Tara Reed