I think this will be the last in a string of copyright related posts – at least for a little while, but it’s been such a great discussion and I have one last thought!  I was telling my sister about the Stolen Scream video and discussing some of the finer points of copyrights, copyright registration and funny beliefs people have about art.

In fact, I’m finding that artists seem to be some of the worst offenders!  Someone tweeted this to me the other day in response to a tweet conversation I was having with another artist about why artists decide to copy others when they are creative in their own right.  This third artist said,

Haven’t you heard this? ” lesser artists imitate, great artists steal”?

They went on to point out that Manet or Monet (I can’t remember which) was apparently the master at it.  Well if artists go around quoting that and believing that the way to be great is to steal, we are all in trouble.

So there is blatant copying and then there is the whole “derivative work” – if you change a certain percentage it’s considered new, etc.  That gets dicey as well so we aren’t going to go down that rabbit hole today.

Today I want to put copyright infringement into terms the average person can understand: lunch.  More specifically – sandwiches.

[youtube JoeoZBybu7g]

What do you think?  I encourage you to come up with your own analogies and post them to YouTube as well.  Maybe we can educate the masses by amusing them and talking their language.  If you do, let me know and I’ll share it here too.  Deal?

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed