What an amazing journey this blog and website is! In case you haven’t heard this before… I really had no intention of building this when I started looking at internet marketing. I had a completely different plan! Boy am I glad I was open to suggestion (sort of) and decided to change my path.

Why do I say “sort of”? Well… when I took my first weekend class to learn more about online marketing, I had a great plan. I stood up and shared my idea – expecting the instructors to agree with me and help me get on my way. Instead, they smiled, shook their heads and said, “No.”

What? Why no?

“Don’t you realize how much you could share with artists who want to understand art licensing and how you do what you do?” they asked.

Well… I guess. I was still unconvinced but decided to be open to new ideas. My plan, when I left Texas, was to write one eBook – “How to Get Started in Art Licensing” – and then go back to my original idea. Boy am I glad I got hooked on this path because it has been, is and continues to amaze me!

It started with me sharing what I knew about how to get started. Now, I feel like a Cruise Ship Captain and Cruise Director.

I set the course of the Good Ship Art Licensing Info.

I find instructors. Paul Brent, Mary Engelbreit, Jill Seale, Cheryl Hodgson, Suzanne Cruise, Daniel Tardent – who knows who I’ll book next…

I look for passengers. If you are reading this, you are probably one. Artists who want to learn more about licensing, network with others who are interested in the business, build community.

We have activities. Teleseminars. Monthly Ask Calls. Even “mini-movies” on YouTube and the Art Licensing Stories.

We have a library of sorts. eBooks on many art licensing subjects. Recommended reading lists.

[youtube 2PkxS5prSow]

So whether you are a new or longtime passenger, grab the roadmap and see if you’ve missed anything!

Destination: Amazing Art Licensing Businesses! Welcome aboard!