franceemailThis morning I woke up a little later than usual… I can often be found heading to buy groceries at 7 am on a Sunday.  (I like to beat the rush)  But today I slept in until 8, and awoke to show flurries going sideways by my window.

Snow “in the valley” in Portland is quite unusual.  One reason I love living here is that the temperatures are pretty moderate and the snow usually stays in the mountains.  But today it has decided to come to the city, my son is exstatic and hoping for no school tomorrow.

My morning routine always involves checking my email first thing. I have had people tell me I shouldn’t – instead recommending I get to important work before letting my email potentially side-track me.  (Of course they mean on ‘traditional’ work days, not really Sunday, but what is traditional about the business of art?)

I disagree with that email theory as that is how I know what is needed in my business.  Some days a client might email me a frantic request — if you can get me XYZ by 3 pm we can present it to a client.  Not wanting to miss opportunities, I check my email, and often.

Sometimes, too, I will have email from artists having trouble getting the download of an eBook they bought or they missed the ‘free bonus’ page.  I don’t want them waiting either!

This morning I woke up to an email with the subject line, “Can french buy your book???”

Well that intrigued me so it was the first email I decided to read.  Until this morning, I had my shopping cart set to only accept orders for the US & Canada.  That was due to my online store that shipped physical products.  I decided to end that experiment last week so now I have changed the settings and my information products (eBooks and upcoming audio) can be purchased from anywhere in the world. Remember of course that they are in English.  🙂

That’s my interesting art story this morning!  The snowflakes are getting bigger and the road is dusted white…  my son will be so happy when he gets up.  I hope you have a magical day!

~ Tara

P.S.  I guess the email didn’t actually “change the world”, it just changed the world’s access to my info.  It will be interesting to see if the world is interested!

P.P.S.  Today is an official “Pajama Day” for me… if I can’t go anywhere, why not stay warm, cozy and comfy while I paint and write?