On Wednesday, February 24, 2010 Paul Brent lit a fire in the soul of many an artist.  In his hour long Teleseminar, “Brand Yourself for Success in Art Licensing” he gave us his mistakes to learn from, things to avoid and most importantly – lots of things to do to get our brands up and running or working even better than ever.

Taglines were just a part of it but boy have we been having fun with it in the past two days!

On Facebook, Paul wrote:
I have been talking about tag lines recently. Currently mine is “America’s best known coastal artist” but I have been thinking about updating it. It could be aggressive “Art going coastal” or Biblical “Let there beach art” maybe short and straight forward “Bathroom art” . Requirements are it must be under six words and must have some mention of art, artist, painter, etc. included. Any ideas?

Some responses from the “peanut gallery” for him included:

  • “Get Brent Out of Shape”
  • “Brent’s Beautiful Beaches”
  • “Brent’s Gone Coastal”
  • “Paul Brent: Arts a Beach!”
  • Skip the bathroom art — you are so much more than that! The original is still the best.
  • hah Paul you are funny. (Bathroom art) . How am I supposed to get any work done today… all I’ll be doing is thinking of tag lines… the only thing I can think of is “Better than Sand in Your Crack” (oh no she didn’t.)
  • How about “Art from Sunny Florida, while everyone else is experience the global warming”? (oops! That doesn’t follow the ‘six words or less rule!)
  • hey Paul..how ’bout..”Coastal art from the heart”
  • Brent’s beach art

One of the things he told us to do was brainstorm and get feedback… good to see he follows his own instructions!
I spent my day doing all the ‘behind the scenes’ techy stuff so anyone who wasn’t able to listen live could still have access to this very powerful hour of branding wisdom.  The audio is edited and everything is ready to go!
So if you want in on the fun and brand-building savvy – head to www.ArtLicensingInfo.com/branding.html to order your replay today!

Here’s to your creative and well branded success!
– Tara Reed

Here are a few testimonials from people who were on the call…

“I woke up at 4 a.m. this morning with tag line ideas running through my head and thinking about all I need to do to work on my brand. When I went to my computer to jot down my ideas, I saw your email–thanks so much for the lists to help focus on exactly what to do. I am so glad I took this seminar!”

Betty Laur


“I’m amazed by not just the quality and quantity of the information; but also the genuine and friendly personality of Paul Brent. I’m fortunate to receive all this information in the early stages of my development; because I know it will give me the most solid launch possible!”

Brenda D. Baker


“Tara, it was powerful and I have been so busy. All my answers came like a tidal wave that night. All my answers were in pieces here and there. Right in front of my nose and did not see it. After that call in two hours of brain storming, I saw my style, subject, and created a logo and tag line. It just all fell into place. Great class and I’m looking forward to hearing the replay for things I might I missed. ”

Bruce Michael