If you are a fan of the smARTist telesummits and what Ariane Goodwin does to help artists “bridge the gap between making art and making a living” – take a quick minute and go vote for her.  She needs at least 250 votes by the end of today (Friday 6/29) and she’s so close!
I’ve been involved in the smARTist telesemmits and have spent hours getting to know Ariane.  She works hard for artists and has a great heart.

Here’s how I’d LOVE for you to show your support:

1. Click here: <http://missionsmallbusiness.com>
2. Then click ‘Log In & Support’
3. Log in using your Facebook account
4. Type “smARTist” in the name box
5. Click on the blue ‘Vote’ button next to our business name to show your support for our business.

It would be awesome if someone helping artists were to win this $250,000 grant!  Let’s give her a hand…

Here’s to your creative success and the success of creative individuals everywhere. 🙂

– Tara Reed