Art is a funny thing… it is hard to schedule around a time frame.  I have heard that many people are successful at that — writers who get up and write at 5 am no matter what.  I’m a firm believer in just DOING but sometimes it gets stuck!

What do you do when your creative juices start sputtering instead of flowing?

I have decided my muse might be at the beach.  Or perhaps she hoped a plane to Paris.  I wish she gave me her itinerary so I would know when she will return!

It’s not that I’m not getting anything done, it’s just that it has seemed harder the past few days.  What do you do when that happens?  (seriously, what do you do???  Suggestions welcome!)

I remind myself that this is my pattern.  It happens every once in a while.  It usually means I just need a mental time out.  Go read a book.  Have a movie marathon day.  My muse will be back, I know, but I always have a teeney-tiny-piece of worry that she won’t.

Be sure to give both yourself and your muse a break sometimes.  Maybe planned vacations will help eliminate unexpected interruptions in flow! 🙂

Have a creative day!

~ Tara