I recently discovered yet another reality show that caught my eye (there are so many!) – The Fairy JobMother.  In this show on Lifetime television, Hayley, a human resources expert, helps unemployed people get ready to find work.  They talk about what they’ve done in the past, review what they’d like to do, spruce up resumes, practice interview skills and go on interviews.

At the end of the show, they sit together and wait for the call to come in from the company or companies the person interviewed with.  I’ve watched a few episodes and the same thing strikes me as odd each time – so of course I decided I had to blog about it.

They all answer the phone with a hesitant or nervous, “Hello?”

And each time, the interviewing company has to say, “Is this _____?” or “May I speak to ______?” and they respond, “This is she/he.”

How do you answer the phone and what does it say about your business?

Many if not most of us work from home.  You may or may not have a phone number – either regular or cell – that is used for business only.  Perhaps you share your number with your family.  How you or others answers the phone during the work day can send a message about how seriously you take your business.

When I get a call from a client, prospect or a number I don’t recognize, I always answer with a professional, “Hello, this is Tara.” just like I would if I were sitting in a cubicle in an office.  I want to sound confident, professional and let people know they got me.  It might seem like a little thing, but sometimes its those little things that leave a lasting impression.  So I encourage you to consider what you say the next time you pick up your phone… and may you get calls from manufacturers interested in your art soon!

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed