I have piles in three rooms at the moment. Things to remember and pack for SURTEX.  I leave early Friday and I’m quite excited!  This is my favorite trip of the year – New York City, Times Square, hanging out with my sister and night and having her work with me during the show – fun! Fun! Fun!

I’ve been getting emails and tweets and messages on Facebook from artists I know virtually who I hope to meet in person.  If you are at the show – please stop by and say hi – I’ll be in booth #613.

But do remember that I and all the other artists who are exhibiting have talking with manufacturers as priority #1.

As you know, we are investing a lot of time, money and effort to meet the manufacturers at the show so we do need to have that as our main focus. Just be aware of people coming down the aisle and graciously let the exhibitors do their work.  It is nothing personal of course – we all just invest a lot of money to be there and need to maximize our manufacturer connections!

EC Stewart wrote a great blog post that I encourage anyone walking a trade show to read – she is a crack up – even the title makes me adore her:  Savvy Tradeshow Tramp.  Humorous title aside, there are lots of great tips in there so what are you waiting for?

GO READ and you too, can be a Savvy Tradeshow Tramp… or the male version of a Tramp, what would that be anyway?

Here’s to your creative success and if you are exhibiting – here’s to the most amazing SURTEX ever!

– Tara Reed