VERBS have been coming at me from several directions lately and have caused me to stop and ponder…

My teacher, Alex Mandossian, asks his students to “proclaim their verb!” I ________, therefore I am! Some verbs from that class include teach, inspire, blog, nurture… mine is create.

Then local artist and entrepreneur coach Rebecca Shapiro suggested choosing a verb to define 2010 instead of making resolutions that would more than likely be forgotten or defeated by the end of January. I love this idea! SO watch this short video and pick a verb… feel free to leave your choice in the comments to inspire others.

[youtube 2YgO4s4Y2dQ nolink]

Here’s to a creative and verby 2010!

– Tara

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P.P.S. Need clarification on what verbs are or just want to go back in time and enjoy a great School House Rock song? Here it is – VERB!

[youtube h4QEzJe6_ok nolink]