I’m heading to BlogWorld on Thursday to work on a new non-licensing project. Why?  Because Barbara told me I should.  (Apparently I’m quite persuadable.)  I admit to sometimes making quick decisions that have more to do with a gut-feel than endless research but have also found those to be some of the best split-second decisions I’ve ever made.

It was a 45 minute thought process that got me on a plane to Texas to learn about internet marketing, which turned into this blog, www.ArtLicensingInfo.com and the whold big web of art licensing learning.

It was a tweet on Twitter that got me on a preview call and plunking down some big $ to learn about Teleseminars.  Without that quick decision making, there would be no “Ask” calls or teleseminars.

Without the Teleseminar Secrets class I also wouldn’t have met Barbara, who has me packing my bags and heading to Vegas! (And I don’t even gamble so that was no enticement.)

Barbara Rozgonyi is an AMAZING PR / Social Media expert. I’ve gotten to know her through a mastermind group (like a scheduled brainstorming / support group) and have become friends with her over the past year.  One day we will figure out how to get her involved and helping artists here.  (I hope to figure that out in Las Vegas.)

In her efforts to prepare for BlogWorld, Barbara did a great blog post about getting ready and getting the most out of networking events called –

Conference PR: Maximize Personal Branding

Much of this advice can be considered and tweaked to work for artists who attend or exhibit at trade shows or meet and network at other events.  It is worth a read.  Quite frankly, I think her whole blog is worth following – and not just because I like her, she has great insights and information.


Here’s to your creative success and wish me luck with the bloggers!

– Tara

P.S.  If you are exhibiting at one of the winter trade shows (CHA, AmericasMart, SURTEX January show) be sure to look at the eBook and teleseminar to help you maximize your time and investment. CLICK HERE